Download tennis waiver:  Tennis waiver

Download pool waiver: Pool waiver

We are busy getting ready to welcome all of you back to the pool this season on June 26.  After several dreary months inside, it will be a welcome respite to be back in the fresh air and tranquil atmosphere at Willowbrook.

As can be expected, in order to ensure the safety of our members and staff, some new procedures have been put in place, per guidelines given to us by the County and State:

Club hours for the 2020 season will be:

June 26-September 7
10 am – 7:30 pm Monday-Friday
11 am – 7:30 pm Saturday and Sunday

These hours will give the staff ample time to properly disinfect and prepare the club before and after each day.

Checking in:

  • Upon entry to the club for the first time this season, all members and their guests will be required to complete a waiver (one per household – only needs to be completed once).  Please fill it out and bring with you to the club.  Download waiver
  • All members and guests are required to check in as we are mandated to keep a log of everyone visiting the club.  Please make sure to check in at the gatehouse upon your arrival to sign in.
  • Club occupancy will be restricted to 50% of our mandated maximum occupancy.  This means that we can have 110 members at the club at any one time.  We are going to try to enforce this limit without requiring advance reservations.  If we see that certain days and times are crowded, we may need to require an online advance reservation system.  We encourage members to call the club (914-666-3916) before leaving your house to check on the occupancy (especially on weekends and very hot days).
  • Guests will be limited to 4 guests per family per visit.  All guests must have a signed waiver to enter the club.  Guest fees will apply.
  • If you are feeling unwell and/or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, please stay home.  Please refer to CDC guidelines for symptoms (
  • Staff will have their temperature checked prior to each shift and will be sent home if their temperature exceeds 100.4, or if they become unwell during their shift.
  • We have created a signup system for lap lanes.  We are allowing one swimmer per lane, unless swimmers are members of the same family.  Lane reservations are limited to one hour per visit.  Sign up here for a lane for our first week of operation (just type your name in a time slot, it automatically saves your entry): Lane reservations
  • The back gate will remain unlocked while the pool is open.  However, all tennis players MUST check in at the gatehouse prior to using the pool.  All visitors to the pool must be checked in by the gate attendant at the gatehouse prior to using the pool, per CDC regulations.

Social distancing:

  • Please maintain 6 feet of social distancing between yourself and members and staff who are not part of your household.
  • Masks will need to be worn when you are moving about the club and when you cannot maintain 6 feet of social distancing between you and others who are not part of your household.  Masks do not need to be worn in the pool or when relaxing in your chair with your household members.  When exiting the pool, please obtain and wear your mask if you will be moving about the club.
  • Chairs and tables have been placed with appropriate distancing and will be cleaned by staff regularly.  If you are more comfortable, you may bring your own chair.  You may also choose to bring your own wipes to wipe your chair prior to use.  Please do not move any chairs without checking with staff first.
  • Areas of the club that make social distancing difficult will be closed for the season, including basketball, volleyball, in water basketball, and the playground.


  • Hand hygiene stations have been installed at the gatehouse, between the locker rooms, on the side of the clubhouse, and in the locker rooms.  Please wash and sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Communal objects have been taken out of service for this season.  This includes mats, kickboards, noodles, and pool toys.  Please feel free to bring your own for use at the pool.  All objects should be properly labeled since duplicate objects may be used by different families.
  • Bathrooms will be open – showers will be unavailable.


  • Social events will be discontinued for the season in order to discourage gatherings.
  • The snack bar will be closed for the season.  Vending machines will be available for cold drinks and snacks.  Members may bring their own food to the club or order from local restaurants for delivery to the club.  A list of local restaurants that deliver to the club can be downloaded here.  In addition, apps like Doordash and Seamless offer a variety of local delivery options.
  • Group swim lessons have been discontinued for the season.  Private swim lessons are available upon request.
  • Swim team will be offered for 13 and under swimmers.  You can view swim team details here.


  • The tennis courts and pickleball courts remain open and available for singles and doubles play.  Four players will be allowed on each court at one time.
  • A tennis waiver must be completed and submitted for your first visit this season:  Tennis waiver
  • No means of congregation may be available at tennis:  all chairs, benches, etc. must be off limits.  Please leave the courts promptly after play, without socializing afterward.
  • Appropriate social distancing must be implemented, including the use of masks when not playing.
  • No group lessons or clinics will be held.  Private and semi private lessons will be available – please arrange with Adam.
  • No water jugs on the court.  Please bring your own water.
  • The back gate will remain unlocked while the pool is open.  However, all tennis players MUST check in at the gatehouse prior to using the pool.  All visitors to the pool must be checked in by the gate attendant at the gatehouse prior to using the pool, per CDC regulations.
  • For any further questions, please contact Adam at Adam is available for private and semi-private lessons.
  • Tennis camps will begin June 29.

Somers National Golf Club is open and available for tee times.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep Willowbrook a safe and relaxing environment for all of our members.  We are all in this together and will get through it together.  We are confident that Willowbrook will be a refuge for all of us, even in this challenging environment.

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